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Become a published author.
Get Published Dreaming of being a book author?
Have a manuscript (or two)
already started?

Work with Heather and Inner Peace Press to bring the soul in your book to life. Make a difference in someone else’s life by sharing your own story.

They say everyone has a book inside of them. Not everyone wants to write their story, but those who do have a spark inside yearning to get out.

Do you have a story that needs to get out? 

But…. are unsure how to get started?

Can’t figure out how to take a Word file and turn it into a printable book?

Have no clue about the required ISBN needed for a book to be sold beyond

Don’t have Photoshop (or know how to use it) to make a cover?

Confused about how to get your book on

Need someone to edit your work to ensure that your soul story comes out for your readers?

That’s why you are here.

Inner Peace Press is a versatile One Stop Shop for book publishing and marketing.

Either self publish, or get the Inner Peace Press imprint.

When you self publish, you hire Inner Peace Press to edit your manuscript, design your book (inside and out), assign an ISBN to your book, and give you files to upload to Amazon so you can BE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR and start making sales! 100% copyright, 100% of the profits! 

Want more exposure? Apply to get the Inner Peace Press imprint.

What happens if you are accepted for the “Inner Peace Press imprint”?

First, Inner Peace Press will be the Publisher of your book. This means the IPP edits and designs the book for your, adds the IPP logo to the spine and inside of your book, and features your book for sale on our website (and in many other locations). IPP does all the work to put your soul story into a book, and into strangers’ hands. IPP applies attention, from the heart, in its wide ranging marketing efforts that will bring you more sales than you would be able to make on your own. 100% copyright, 50% of the profits! 


Book a consultation with Heather Felty, Publisher of Inner Peace Press, to see how IPP might be able to support your journey.