Get Published by IPP

If you have a soul story on paper, computer, or even in your head, and think it fits in with Inner Peace Press's mission, let us know! Our mission is to publish stories that will help others know they are not alone. When your book is published with IPP, we edit, design, print, distribute, promote and sell your book, and pay you royalties!

Get help with Self Publishing

If you want to keep all sales of your book for yourself, Inner Peace Press can still help! People who Self Publish sometimes need help with editing their manuscript, designing a cover and the inside of the book, uploading to distributors, and/or figuring out how to sell their book once it is printed (marketing).

IPP also offers website setup services for individual authors.

Connect with Heather

Schedule a meeting with Heather Felty, Publisher of Inner Peace Press, if you would like to discuss services for self publishing, being published by Inner Peace Press, or other questions about publishing in general.