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Inner Peace Press

Finding Everyday Magic

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Finding Everyday Magic: A Journey of Hope and Healing through Nature addresses recovery of physical, emotional, and mental trauma in the wake of traumatic brain injury.

In 2013 Anessa Arehart found herself on the receiving end of consecutive auto accidents 53 days apart resulting in brain damage, severe post concussion symptoms, and a life so greatly affected the only way forward was though an unlikely path of her own making.

Leaving the hustle of city life and relocating to the country, she found peace in the chaos that was her brain, an ember of hope within her heart, and the will to survive the darkest days of her life.

This book will benefit traumatic brain injury survivors searching for supplementary methods of healing beyond the doctor’s office and traditional therapies, but it’s offerings reach well beyond TBI and can help others seeking a cure for unnamable traumas and hurt hidden inside each of us from simply being human.  Practical tips and beautiful photos of “everyday magic” will connect you with nature’s gentle healing energy no matter where you live or what condition you’re in.  Even if you are unable to leave your bed or your home, this book brings nature to you.



Anessa Arehart

"Taking photos has become a new avenue for channeling my creativity and imagination, and the thing I love most is that it invites me deep into the woods where the most sacred art of all can be appreciated." ~Anessa Arehart

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