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Harmony Meets the World: Let's Dance It's Obon

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Harmony Meets the World is an adventurous, magical, and educational chapter book series for young readers. The series features eight-year-old explorer Harmony Riley Cruz. In each book, Harmony's magic binoculars transport her to a cultural festival around the world. During her adventure, she meets a new local friend, soaks in the culture, and learns about the unique festival. Plus, she always finds a special connection to home.

From the vibrant music and dancing of the Sun Festival in Peru to the glowing lights of Diwali in India, an exploration of a lifetime awaits!

Book 1: Cusco, Peru for Inti Raymi
Book 2: Tokyo, Japan for Obon Festival
Book 3: New Delhi, India for Diwali
Book 4: Lyons, France for Fête des Lumières

Book 2 ~
It’s time to dance in Tokyo, Japan! When Harmony’s new friend, Riko, teaches her a special dance for the Obon Festival, Harmony struggles with the steps. Can Harmony learn the dance in time for the big performance?

During Harmony's epic adventure, she learns about Buddhist culture, the local Kanji language, and discovers more about the Obon Festival. And you can, too!

This book includes bonus material:
* Make your own mini-language book
* Festival facts
* Glossary
* And more!

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