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Inner Peace Press

Heal Your Sh!t Find Your Happy

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Heal Your Sh!t Find Your Happy is a call to action for women who manage anxiety, who gracefully (or not) handle the overwhelm and stress of life, maybe depression, who have felt like they were spinning out of control, who’ve ever been called “too much,” or who’ve often thought, “what is wrong with me?” It’s for adult survivors of childhood sexual assault and the people who love them. 

Author Christine Varnavas educates the reader on how stress and trauma work and how it affects us and those around us if not released; she also shares parts of her story, some not so fun things, and the amazing somatic (body-based) tools that showed up in her life to help her feel and heal just when she needed them. The invitation is to do the work in your body, in this lifetime, on this planet, right now, to heal and break the chain of generational trauma, using the wicked wisdom of our bodies and maybe have some fun doing it!



“Christy shares a memoir of her journey to MOVE through the fragmenting thoughts and emotions of FEAR, following a childhood trauma, to remember her wholeness. She relates her experiences with courage and compassion for herself and all the travelers on this road.” 
~ Carleen Sterner, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner

“As someone who had a front-row seat to much of Christine’s story, I found myself transfixed to the pages. Christine’s story is one that not only informs the mind but also the heart. It is an amazing book to keep close to you, to return to repeatedly, whether you are healing or, like I am, in the profession of helping others to heal, this book is for you.”
~ Dr. Amy Schlieve, Schlieve Consulting

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