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Inner Peace Press

Learning to Lean on Myself

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Two red-light car collisions 53 days apart culminated in life-shattering brain damage. Despite everything working against her, artist Anessa Arehart conjured enough strength and will to rediscover hope, healing, and a path leading to self fulfillment.

With the support of loved ones, traditional and alternative practitioners, and an unwavering determination to live a beautiful life, she developed a daily “phototherapy” practice enabling her to regain lost memory function and correct vestibular disturbances in a way conventional therapy couldn’t.

Mother Nature helped her embrace a mindset of acceptance and resilience while Father Time granted her patience to overcome mental chaos and physical injuries. Together, they empowered her to create a new, improved version of herself.

This is the companion book to the hardcover, 200-page book Finding Everyday Magic, by Anessa Arehart.