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Inner Peace Press

My Last Hangover

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Personal Essays by 11 Authors on Their Truth About Sobriety

Whitney Bishop
Jill (Jbro) Brown
Kezia Calvert
Jamie Carroll
Shari Hampton
Natalie Hanson
Payton Kennedy
Ester Nicholson
Tammi Salas
Nicholas Stabenow-Schneider
Mandy West

When it comes to the road to recovery, antiquated notions abound. This book was created to highlight how, in the world today, there are actually many ways to get to and stay on the recovery path. 

In this book you’ll read 11 stories of return. Return to living. Return from the darkness of dependency and addiction as told by the people who walked the road. The 11 contributors in this book talk about the circumstances that led up to their point of choosing recovery and why it was so important for them to remain in recovery today. 

In this book, common themes from people in the midst of struggle range from feelings of never being enough, perfectionism, constructing a façade that projects “everything is ok,” lack of trust in one’s self, feeling that the next geographical location will fix everything, the legacy of family addiction, self-isolation, living a life of secrecy, living in abusive relationships, denial, shame, unworthiness – and the list goes on.

In this book you will read about the variety of ways that contributors found their way back to themselves. 

For the many, many people who keep waking up to what seem like endless Day 1s but who also know they want a change and so they keep trying – this book is for you. 

This book is for the sober-curious. It’s for those who are receiving external or intuitive messages that tell them it’s time for a shift but don’t know where to begin. 

This book is for anyone who loves someone who is struggling or has struggled with dependency or addiction. Perhaps this book can offer new perspectives and open the doors to empathy and compassion and a better understanding of addiction and alcohol use disorder.